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At PEOPLES BANK, security and the protection of confidential customer information is our highest priority. That is why PEOPLES BANK utilizes the latest technology 128-bit encryption available on the market today. The premise of using encryption keys or numbers is similar to that of combination locks. The data exchanged between your browser and our online banking server is scrambled and the unscrambling of the coding is extremely difficult because of the high number of possible combinations, and the milliseconds of time it takes for your computer to exchange information with our secure servers. To determine whether or not your browser is connecting with 128-bit encryption, click on “Help” in the toolbar of your internet browser and then click on “About (using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator as examples).” A pop-up box will display showing “128-bit” or “This version supports high-grade 128-bit security with RSA Public Key Cryptography.” Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, or Netscape Navigator 6.0 are two browser versions that support 128-bit security. If your browser does not support 128-bit encryption, we suggest you contact your Internet Service Provider to determine if a newer version of your browser is available.

Precautions taken to ensure that information is transmitted safely and securely include but are not limited to, Secure-Socket Layer (SSL), digital certificates and strong encryption along with built-in checkpoints and audit controls to provide a multi-tiered security architecture. Secure-Socket Layer encryption uses keys to unscramble messages or coding between your browser and our server and safeguards against the possibility that other websites can impersonate PEOPLES BANK Online Banking web site, or in any way alter relayed information. Confirmation that you are on a secure server is in the form of a locked padlock symbol which appears at the bottom of your browser window. By double-clicking on the symbol a popup window containing information about the owner, current status, and effective date of the secure key will be displayed. In addition, access to the secure area of our online server is granted ONLY after the personal Access ID and Password are authenticated by our secure server.

Individuals personally select their own 6-8 digit alpha-numeric, case-sensitive password once their profile has been setup by PEOPLES BANK. For maximum protection, passwords should contain both numbers and upper and lower case letters. We also suggest that you avoid using easy to guess passwords (ie. your dog’s name, your maiden name, a birth date, social security number, etc.). Passwords are compared to those stored in our secure server and after three incorrect attempts, your password is locked out of the system and monitored in order to detect any suspicious activity. Passwords should be changed frequently and sharing of your online banking access ID and/or password to anyone else is discouraged. To further protect you, a timeout feature is used if you leave your online banking session unattended. This feature will automatically disconnect your current financial access after a 10-minute period of inactivity on PEOPLES BANK Online Banking. However, we recommend that each user “Sign Out” when they are finished.

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