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Our Staff


James Hay – Chairman

Frank L. Hinton
Charles R. Marshall
Eric Barber
John H. Sims
Stephen H. Miller
Glenn R. Womack, MD
Mary Lu Stephens
Michael Ginn


  • Adam Donavon, Loan Administrative Asst.
  • Amanda Reynolds, Teller
  • *Ben Womack, Loan Officer NMLS ID #493934
  • Betsy Case, Loan Processer
  • Bettye Boone,  Data Processing Assistant
  • Blake Harmon, Loan Officer NMLS ID #878414
  • Brande Doyle, Branch Head Teller
  • Brian Hunt, Marketing Officer
  • Brittney Bjorklund, Branch Manager
  • Carolyn Jones, Custodian
  • Carson Cannon, Teller
  • Chad Jeffries, Data Processing Operator
  • Cheryl Conyers, Loan Officer NMLS ID # 499255
  • Christine Knipp, Teller 
  • Cora Butcher, Teller
  • Cynthia Coyle, Teller
  • Danielle Wagoner, Call Center Clerk
  • Davetta Hamilton, Compliance Officer
  • Debbie Cooper, Trust Officer
  • Debbie Newberry, Customer Service Rep
  • Deborah Cropper,  V.P., Customer Service Admin., BSAO
  • Dina Gooding, V.P.,Operations Officer
  • Eda Earlywine, Loan Op.Dept.Manager
  • Emily Alexander, Teller
  • Gene Hickerson, V.P./ Insurance Agent
  • Georgianna Sparks, Asst. V.P./, Customer Service Rep.
  • Gordon Peratt, Data Proc. Supervisor
  • Grace Rogers, Loan Adm Asst.
  • Gregory Scott Compton, Insurance Agent
  • Heather Lowery, Bookkeeping/Records Clerk
  • Jackie Hickerson, Compliance Asst.
  • Jackie McCord, Teller
  • James Hay, President/ CEO
  • *James Carson Skaggs Jr,  V.P./Market Administration NMLS ID #422794
  • Jason Planck, Asst. V.P./ Network Administrator
  • *Jeff Tranbarger, V.P./Loan Officer NMLS ID #493932
  • Jerri Hester,  Branch Manager
  • Kathy McCann, Insurance Agency CSR
  • Kanna Hollar, Teller
  • Karen Hamm, Bookkeeping/ Records Clerk
  • Katie Adamson, Insurance Agency CSR
  • Kay Rosser, Teller
  • Laken Calvert, Call Center Clerk
  • Larry Glascock, Asst. V/P, Security Officer
  • Leanne R. Easton, Teller
  • Leigh Ann Jolly, Assistant Head Teller
  • Lindsey Crump,  General Ledger Bookkeeping Asst.
  • Lindsey Landsaw, Teller
  • Lonnie Foley, Controller
  • Lynn Marie Hunt,  Loan Processor/Tax Analyst
  • Malissa G.Combs,  Branch Head Teller
  • Margaret McGinnis, G/L Bookkeeper
  • Margarette Gross, Retail Manager
  • Mary E. Shively, Teller
  • Mary Susan Hawkins, Loan Clerk
  • Melina Johnson, Loan Data Cordinator
  • Melissa Tackett, Loan Admin Asst.
  • Melody Clary, Bookkeeping/Records Clerk
  • Michelle Robinson, Loan Collection Manager
  • Nancy Brown, Teller
  • Neva Nash, Receptionist
  • Pam Reynolds, Executive Secretary
  • *Patricia Hart, V.P., Senior Loan Officer NMLS ID #493935
  • Paula Fryman, Bookkeeping/Records Supervisor
  • Paula Kegley, Loan Clerk
  • Randy Fritz, Asst. V.P., Assistant Trust Officer
  • Rhonda Ripato, Teller
  • Robin Yarber, Customer Service Rep.
  • Robyn Jones, Branch Manager
  • Sharon Andrews, Teller
  • Stephen Miller, CFO
  • Terri Rigdon, Insurance Agent/Officer
  • Tim Vise,  Branch Manager
  • *Tim Brannon, Vice President, Market Administration NMLS ID #493936
  • Tony Kinder,  Executive Vice President 
  • Trevor Argo, Loan Clerk
  • Trevor Vice,  Data Processing Operator
  • Valerie Ward, Teller
  • Vicki Romero, Asst. V.P./ Loan Officer NMLS ID # 499254 
  • Vickie Evans, Asst, V.P./Branch Manager
  • William Hodge, Custodian

*Each Peoples Bank of Kentucky, Inc. mortgage loan originator has a Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) unique ID # following their name. Consumers may visit www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org., a free service confirming that the loan originator they wish to conduct business with is registered.